Children will have trouble resisting Bella Brahms' delightful sense of humor and magical whimsy -- mixed with the brilliance of art, music, science and literature -- in this thrilling book!  That's charmingly and beautifully illustrated by New Zealand's finest, Tania Cassidy, for great fun -- and great learning too!

    Weaving her knowledge as a piano teacher throughout this compelling and entertaining story, Bella inspires kids to engage their curiosity -- and grow their musical aspirations -- through the snappy, toe-tapping world of Musical Acres.  An enchanting, woodsy community of artful bears.  Where musical dreams not only thrive -- but lead to great discoveries!

    How?  In a methodical, yet surprisingly creative way -- that undergirds the great knowledge of civilizations!  What could be more exciting?  What could be more intriguing?  Well naturally a great mystery.  And that's part of the story too!  As suggested by the subtitle -- "The Mysterious Case of the Missing Leaves!"  

     So don’t wait to stick this sparkling gem into the hands of a child today!  Because... 

Little Bear’s Musical Garden sure to delight and inspire even ordinary bears to utter brilliance!  And more importantly -- to achieve a dream!  

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